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Public Service Message


During these trying times of dealing with Covid 19, we ask that if you feel sick or have a temperature, cough and/or shortness of breath, please see a doctor as soon as possible. We encourage you to get tested early, because the sooner your quarantine yourself, the better it is for everyone. We do ask that you self-quarantine to ensure that you do not spread the virus to others in the community. Self-quarantine means staying at home and not going out into the public. Also, advise others in your household that you are self-quarantining they need to take precautions so as not to infect others in the home.


We also understand that you may have needs other than medical services. If you do not have other means to acquire food and other items needed during this time, please call Sherman County Dispatch for assistance. Sheriff Allen has taken the lead in handling all issues regarding those affected by COVID 19 here in Sherman County. You can call dispatch at 806-366-5551. The City of Stratford will take care of your groceries if you need something delivered.


Please consider the health and well being of others around you. Self-quarantine to help ensure that all citizens of Stratford and Sherman County are safeguarded against infection.


Thank you for your cooperation!!


Mayor Greg Wright